Suitable for orthotics

Recommended Podiatrist:
Shoes suitable for orthotic wearers. We have a select range of shoes with removable insoles perfect for fitting your own orthotics into. You should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. For the best fit, we recommend you visit our store in Horsforth where we can tailor and pick out the correct styles to ensure that your orthotic fits perfectly both in length and width so you get the maximum benefits. 
We also have a range of Orthotic shoes by Vionic which have a one size fits all approach, which maybe suitable for some clients, which have been trialed and tested not only by the company, but by our own staff. 
We have seen many benefits in anyone who has worn orthotics and a massive improvement to the overall wellbeing and health of feet, legs and posture. Life is too short to be in pain, orthotics can change your life.

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